Oct 6 2021

Most tournaments, mainly overnight cups, use some form of participant identification. It can be paper cards, bracelets, printed plastic cards or key necklaces.
We take this into the 2020s when we now let DIGITAL GUEST CARDS into our ProCup world

DC is an app that you download from the Appstore or Google Play and it includes functionality for handling, among other things, food vouchers, free bus travel during the cup, entrance tickets, etc.

Mar 10 2021
We are now launching a new shell / new layout for the cup pages.
The focus has been on a better whole and, among other things, the News section gets a better implementation. We have also added the possibility to upload moving youtube videos in the startscreen and that the menu management is displayed in a better way.

Sep 30 2020
More and more clubs are now finding solutions to be able to run their cups despite the current situation. We have created a manual with three scenarios where match planning is about minimizing teams and time in the hall. Feel free to look at the proposals, ProCup does not guarantee that it can be implemented in all arenas and in all contexts.
Feb 3 2020
Some updates in the referee app as well as handling of sets, ex volleyball and beach handball. See more in the attached PDF.
Feb 3 2020
Two new milestones were achieved during the month of January and we are proud and happy to be able to inform you about it!
* 500 clubs / customers now run ProCup for their tournament administration
* 21 new ProCup customers chose to buy ProCup in January. Two records with an international touch that will be hard to beat in the future ...
9 Swedish clubs
6 Danish clubs
5 German clubs
1 Finnish club

The ProCup family is growing so it is cracking and we continue to expand and build to our cup system.
Jan 17 2020
 Fees can now be stated with decimals (adjustment for markets with Euro)
 Two new options - per day or per minute
 Display of referee or referee names in match records
 Limit for showing the referee‘s matches (see more info below)

More info in PDF
Nov 26 2019
The app is available for download in the Apple Appstore / Google Play. In the app, a search function is available where you and your visitors are looking for the current cup they want to use it on. In other words, you can easily switch between different cups in the app. The app will be free for everyone to use, with the addition of ProCup partners.

Another feature of the app is that there will be notifications, ie if a visitor follows a team then it pops up info in the app when some favorite team has played.
There is also a link to Facebook and comment fields on each match.

Google / Android
Iphone / Appstore

/ ProCup team
Feb 26 2019
The referees can easily record goals continuously during the match. All goals will automatically appear to the visitors as a LIVE broadcast for the match.

Responsible for the tournament can also activate functions for yellow cards, red cards and assist. In addition, the referee can add fair play scores after a completed match.

Link to the referees is sent out via SMS or email. The refs app works on all modern smartphones. More information in the PDF file here
Nov 2 2018
We launch a new layout on the cupsites, which we call Social. The layout has more focus on news and social media, and there are opportunities to link the page with your Facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube channels.
Sep 3 2018
We have now integrated ProCup with Google Maps and you can add different markers for example.
• venues
• Check in and information office
• overnight (schools, hotels, hostels)
• stop bus lines
Google Maps is an excellent tool for presenting information geographically.

You can find more about the function in Admin - Design, Settings.
May 16 2018
May 28, a new data law is taken into action within the EU and we have obviously looked at this from our perspective. In the PDF, you can read more about how ProCup manages GDPR.