Cup No.1 2020

6 to 11 July 2020

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Cup No.1 is a youth soccer tournament for both boys and girls. It has been held in Frederikshavn, Denmark since 1984 under the name Dana Cup No.1. Almost 8.400 teams from 100 nations have joined our tournament through the years.

All matches are played on nice green soccer fields of international standard in Frederikshavn. We are proud to say that all fields are in the same area, so your team/s do not have to spend a lot of time on transportation. This gives you time to enjoy both the tournament but also the City of Frederikshavn.

The tournament is held week 28 every year. This year (2020), from Monday the 6th of July to Saturday the 11th of July.

The city Frederikshavn is situated on the coast, and we are proud to say that we have one of Denmark‘s nicest beaches.

Cup No.1

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