Registration ArosCupen 2024

Please note that you can only register one team at a time. This is to get all the contact details per team to improve communications between your team and us .
Please also fill in your club-email in the field for "Extra emailaddress" if you want a copy of information for your team is sent to your club.

Registration and payment must be made no later than Maj15th.

An invoice including the registration fee will be sent to your email addresses.
Please notice your registration is preliminary until we have received your payment.

You will also receive an email with logon details to our MyTeam-portal. Here you can change team details, add more teams and select guest card alternatives.

When you have typed in a few letters of the club's name, you can choose from the list. Any shirt color and country code will be filled in automatically.

Sorry, registration is closed for this tournament.

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