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How ProCup works:

We would like you to test Procup yourself. To simplify your work, we have created easy manuals and help-tools. Here is a brief description of the steps you need to go through:


1. Enter your details and activate your trial version HERE

Once you have activated your trial version, you can login and start using ProCup. Remember that if you are happy with your assessment you can with one button-press purchase a full license. Your test work is thus not wasted. You can choose to purchase directly via card / internet banking or invoice.


2. Create Cup-portal = homepage for the tournament

ProCup creates a website and team application forms for you, which you through our web interface (Webadmin) can make changes. Change the color theme, upload sponsorloggos and create menu items.


3.Design team application form

Design your team application form. You can choose what type of information you want from participating teams and you can easily create custom fields.


4. Add Groups and Playoffs

You choose the number of groups, teams per group and the playoffs in each class. ProCup then helps you to create the matches and match schedule.


5. Create match schedule.

You choose the dates, playing times and pitches before ProCup creates the match schedule. Yyou can manually fine-tune the schedule afterwards in ProCup's graphic match calendar.


6. Publish the draw and match schedule on the web

With a click, the fixture is shown on the website. Additional menu functionalities will then be activated.


7. Activate service for ProCup App in mobile / tablet

You can easily present the fixture in ProCups html-App. The visitors can via QR tag or link follow the results in their phone / tablet.


8. Start the tournament - enter results

Based upon entered results, standings and playoff trees are automatically updated. The teams that go through in playoff games are moved automatically to the next level in the playoff.


Of course, there are plenty of other features and functions in ProCup. If you want to know more please get in touch and we'll book a demonstration over the web.

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